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Chaos Rage
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Chaos Rage Description

The online world needs you to call upon the gods to defeat the evil powers that have entered this browser game. Pick a class, level up your hero and form a group made of celestial beings that have access to legendary weapons and magical artifacts.


A big responsibility sits on your shoulders: the online world is in peril and only you can bring forward gods of all pantheons, fight for your people and besiege enemy strongholds in order to restore eternal peace in Chaos Rage. To help your brethren defeat evil forces, you will have to pick a class that suits your play style best. Take the Warriors, for instance: They wield the sword of justice and use powerful melee attacks to bring down their opponents. Their plate armor allows them to take quite the beating before they have to fall back and restore life or mana points. Speaking of mana: Mages utilize this arcane power to damage multiple targets at once and ward off incoming fireballs, lightning strikes or ice storms. Last but not least, there are Assassins, eager to hide in the shadows and strike only when the perfect opportunity arises.

Which character you choose determines all further gameplay in this browser game. Don’t worry if you end up not liking the class you have picked, as you are always welcome to go back and create a new avatar. Just keep in mind that it will set back your progress to the beginning of Chaos Rage. Keep a close eye on your health and mana bar located at the bottom of your screen during fights. Just like in any other MMORPG, they will tell you when to interfere with another character or to take a potion.

As you venture through this free-to-play roleplaying game, you will meet other adventurers who are eager to join your party and assist you in saving the fantasy world. If you’re stuck and are in dire need of another god to defend you from evil beings, then head to the tavern and make your pick.

Once your fellowship has more than just the character you started out with, you can choose a formation. It is recommended to place a Warrior class in front of the pack to guard other, weaker group members from assailants and lethal attacks. Completing quests and playing through instanced dungeons in Chaos Rage will grant you enough experience points to level up your character and learn new skills. These can be used to take down even the most challenging boss monsters. From obliterating winged beasts to rescuing citizens of Asgard: This browser game offers a variety of missions.

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