Chain Chronicle
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Chain Chronicle
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Explore Chain Chronicle for Free!

Explore a vibrant, fun-filled fantasy world as SEGA’s popular RPG Chain Chronicle is available for free on iOS and Android!


Chain Chronicle plays like a combination of an RPG, tower defense, and collectible card game, all with an interesting combat system new to mobile RPG games. The heroes in Chain Chronicle all have different classes, which includes soldiers, archers, wizards, clerics and knights. Each of these classes has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to you to build the perfect roster, and maximize their efficiency.

Unique Combat System

Any fan of Plants vs. Zombies will be familiar with the new combat system SEGA has used in Chain Chronicle. You arrange your different characters on a grid to maximize their effectiveness, putting your archers behind your knights, for example. During the combat you can reposition your heroes at any time if you want to change your strategy.

You can get new heroes, weapons and upgrades through the game's collectible card system, all purchasable with in-game currency. This allows you to upgrade your hero exactly how you see fit. Your efforts in battle are rewarded with a wide range of rewards. You receive in-game currency, called Arcana Coins, and if you’re lucky, you receive a free card in your loot.

In-Depth and Robust Storyline

The story takes you on a fantastic journey through the fantasy universe, with lots of character interaction and good storytelling. This game is good for people who enjoy a good story and are fan of other free-to-play mobile games, such as Kingdom Hearts or Dragomon Hunter.

Beautiful art style and graphics

There are two main art styles throughout the game. The first is the traditional Japanese style anime designs, with flowing costumes and detailed artwork. The second art style is used in combat, where you have cute avatars duking it out on the battlefield.

Anyone that enjoys a good story with creative combat and an adorable art style will love Chain Chronicle, so download it for your iOS or Android device for free now!

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