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Ceiron Wars
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Ceiron Wars Description

In this free-to-play browser game you preside over your own lordship in an immensely haunted fantasy world, striving to become a powerful ruler of all the land...


Ceiron Wars is a tactical browser game set in a mystical world where two rival factions, The Pyronom Shardom and The Galljan Empire, battle for ultimate control. You must decide which faction your loyalties lie with, proceeding to fiercely defend and fight against your faction’s enemies. In the fantasy online game Ceiron Wars there are a number of nations, races, federations and religions, each with opposing views on how to rule the world. This conflict is the basis for the everlasting war that rages across the Ceiron planet.

Starting with a small plot of land, you begin to lay the foundations for a solid and thriving lordship through the recruitment of soldiers and construction of buildings. You must decide whether you wish for your lordship to pursue moral justice, or whether you will follow a bloody path of destruction and greed. The destiny of your lordship is in your hands. Once you have built up your empire, it is important to begin employing and training a variety of soldiers to take to war. Soldiers have individual strengths and weaknesses that you, as commander and leader, must manipulate in order to form a powerful and cohesive army. Players can form powerful alliances with other lordships in the browser game Ceiron Wars in order to strengthen their countries and increase their chances of victory on the battlegrounds.

In the strategic browser game Ceiron Wars you have the opportunity to raise your rank by participating in challenging quests and missions. With every successful mission your lordship will earn rewards, prestige and more authority in the world. Do you have the courage to enter the dark and mysterious world of Ceiron Wars?

by Kyle Hayth

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