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Play Castle: Dangerous Game for Free!

Get your detective hats on and help Richard Castle solve New York’s most interesting homicides in Castle, the browser game based on the ABC show.


Castle: Dangerous Game is a mix of a number of popular game genres. The free-to-play game encompasses the features of a detective game, a hidden object game, and also elements of a building and decorating game.

The game follows the protagonists of the popular American TV show of the same name - Richard Castle, a famous novelist, and Detective Kate Beckett of the NYPD. The storyline follows these two as they investigate the strange and extraordinary homicides that take place, while at the same time exploring the personal relationships between the characters. The TV show started in 2009, and if you’re a fan of the Castle TV show, you’ll love this free-to-play browser game.

Hidden Object with a Twist!

The main gameplay in Castle is based on the typical hidden object genre, but it also includes a number of features that set it apart from other similar games such as The Secret Society and Pearl's Peril. You can build and decorate your very own police station using bonuses and items that you earn in the main story, adding departments, offices and all kinds of other things to personalize the building exactly to your specifications.

You need to use your own observation and detective skills to make sure you are the best detective around. You have the chance to explore a whole host of locations that you’ll recognize from the series. Each case is a chapter, and you have to work through the different locations at the crime scene to gather clues and solve the cases once and for all.

Put your skills to the test against your friends in challenge mode. Compete against the clock with your friends to see who the best sleuth is. Send each other gifts, tips, and play alongside each other using the social features included in Castle: Dangerous Game

Castle is available free-to-play on your browser.

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