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Castle Fight
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Castle Fight Description

It is not easy to hold your ground in Palestine in the early 12th century. It is important to defend your castle against attacks from other players. You need to protect what is yours by any means...


Palestine in 1109 Anno Domini: After Pope Urban II called upon the Christian West for the First Crusade 1095, thousands of people answered his call. After fierce battles that cost many lives, the Christians finally succeeded to conquer Jerusalem in 1099.

But the joy was short-lived. It was quickly overshadowed by disputes and feuds between the ruling lords. That is the scenario of Castle Fight.

You will be thrown in the midst of this situation in the web game Castle Fight. You have the opportunity to build your own castle and expand your empire.

In the browser-based game Castle Fight, you build, for example, a church that gives hope and consolation to your castle residents. A corn field helps to sufficiently feed your people. Also, you can learn various skills that help you to promote the expansion of your empire. Each skill unlocks another function. For example, if you learn the blacksmith's art, you will also be able to build a weapons forge. Once you are qualified to fight with both ax and sword you can train soldiers in Castle Fight.

When you have your castle build up to a certain degree, you can begin to prepare for the fight. After all, in Castle Fight it is important to steal resources from your enemies and to defend your arduously built kingdom against other lords.

by Kyle Hayth

Castle Fight Screenshots

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