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Castle Clash
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  • Tower Defense
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Castle Clash Description

Build a fortress that is sturdy and can withstand any kind of attack. Thick walls alone won’t do in this tower defense game as you are dealing with supernatural forces. You will need to think about strong defense mechanisms and a solid attack.


Fantastical forces are trying their best to attack you. The only way you can be safe is to build a fortress that is sturdier and mightier than any of your attackers. Your opponents will be diverse, powerful, and magical which calls for creativity to build an impregnable fortress. Your enemies range from dragons and griffins to ghouls who will attack you with fiery asteroids and magical forces. Thick walls, strong cannons, and other defense mechanisms have to be installed to make your fortress a safe place.

As you might’ve guessed, Castle Clash is a true tower defense that calls for tactical thinking and fast-paced strategies. In the style of this genre, you will build a fortress in the middle of a map. Each battle is a few minutes long which means that there is no time to slack off. Soon after a round has started, the first enemies will appear and start attacking your fortress. At this point, it is of utmost importance that certain basic means of defense and attack have been put up. There is no time to relax, as this mobile game is known for its fast-paced, thrilling battles that are full of action and quick events. Any tactical decision you make can be a game-changer. Use your mobile device’s touchscreen to cast powerful spells by using combinations of tapping and swiping.

Not only your enemies will be of supernatural origin. You, too, will hire legions of powerful fighters to build an army of mythical creatures that can hold their own against any attacker. Only then can you become one of the most feared and respected warlords in this universe. Your army will consist of dozens of wild troops that you can hire and train.

If you get tired from the regular tower defense game mode, you can pit your heroes directly against other players in the so called Arena. Here, they will battle it out against each other one on one.

Download the app now in your Google Play Store or iTunes store and battle it out in a free-to-play strategic fantasy game. Keep in mind, however, that Castle Clash requires a constant internet connection.

Castle Clash Screenshots

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