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Cast & Conquer
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Cast & Conquer Description

Add new cards to your collection, come up with tricky decks and head into battle against evil boss monsters and other players in this free gaming app! More than 200 unique levels and multiplayer challenges will certainly keep you busy...


We can all agree on the fact that playing video games is fun - when you get to customize your character and really play the way you want to play, that is. In Cast & Conquer, you get to put together decks that truly reflect your preferred style. Simply put in the cards that you like the most, make sure to have both soldiers and spells and head onto the battlefield to try your luck! Should a certain combination of cards not work out the way you had planned, go back and change things up a little bit. The mobile game rewards you for playing through more than 200 levels and completing fantasy quests by giving you new cards to choose from. Centaurs, elven archers and holy smite: In this free-to-play title brought to you by R2Games (Monkey King), you are the master of your own strategy.

Speaking of rewards: Logging into the strategy card game grants you bonus perks that will put you ahead of other players. Not that you have to compete against others in Cast & Conquer, a game that’s mostly based on single-player and co-op multiplayer challenges. But it still feels nice to be the most powerful hero, doesn’t it? And having that extra oomph whenever you do head into player-versus-player arena battles will help you climb to the top of the official ranking in Cast and Conquer more quickly.

After setting up an account and downloading the free-to-play app on your iOS or Android device, you get to create a character and pick a class. From a warrior that specializes in melee combat to the traditional wizard that wields elemental powers: Each and every class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that their special hero power will synergize with certain cards. Use that knowledge to your advantage and storm the battlefield with your innovative deck! Both other players and imposing boss monsters will always have a trick up their sleeves, so be prepared...

Cast & Conquer Screenshots

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