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Case White
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Case White Description

An exciting and action-packed strategy game with the goal of winning the war in Europe. Join one of the warring parties and take on the fight. There is a lot at stake...


Case White is a turn-based browser game where you fight on the side of the Allied or Axis forces for victory in Europe.

On 1st September 1939 the German invasion of Poland began. This attack was the trigger for World War II. Case White deals thematically with the historic timeline and provides realistic game play in the middle of World War II. You are one of the soldiers and fight against your enemies to survive.

At the beginning of Case White you choose which of the two warring parties you want to belong to. The factions- Allies or Axis- differ in their combat units and their capabilities.

The combats which are, of course, inevitable in a war game like Case White take place in turns. This means that the players alternate turns to move their troops or fire weapons. You have a maximum of 60 seconds for your move - then it’s your opponent's turn again. You should thoroughly plan your attack and defense tactics, because it is your strategic skills that ultimately decide on victory or defeat.

Use your resources wisely on the battlefield. As a lone fighter you will not get very far in Case White. Join with teammates and fight together with them against your enemies.

During the game Case White, you have the opportunity to expand your camp, to increase your army and to establish alliances. You can strengthen your troops by assigning them officers.

by Kyle Hayth

Case White Screenshots

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