Cartoon Universe: New Details on Closed Beta Released

07/16/2012 08:56 am in News

New details have been revealed regarding the Closed Beta testing phase of the Looney Toons adventure game, Cartoon Universe. It would seem that the first round of testing went well and publishers Warner Brothers are gearing up for round 2!
Cartoon Universe

Cartoon Universe

Beta testers of the upcoming, free-to-play title, Cartoon Universe, should get ready to start testing once again as publishers Warner Brothers have announced that the next round of Closed Beta testing will be kicking off tomorrow, July 17th.

After having been offline since the 8th, Cartoon Universe will open its doors again to the select number of players participating in the Closed Beta testing phase. With the implementation of feedback from players, there should be new content and new changes.

However, due to the nature of the changes in Cartoon Universe, testers will have to start from scratch. On the other hand, that can be a good thing because they get the chance to try out a new character!

Source: Game homepage
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