Carte: The Open Beta Testing Phase Has Officially Started

02/24/2012 09:06 am in News

The decks are out on the table and all restrictions lifted for the free-to-play, browser-based trading card game, Carte. Publishers OnNet have launched the new title into the Open Beta testing phase, letting everyone try their best hand.


The browser-based, virtual card game, Carte, is now open to everyone and anyone from around the world thanks to Berlin-based publishers, OnNet, launching the strategy title into the Open Beta testing phase.

To join in the turn-based action that abounds in Carte, you can register on the game’s homepage and get a hold of your own deck. Once you have done so, you can take on other players in intense duels and perfect your strategy as you work out the kinks in your deck and win new cards.

In addition to launching Carte into the Open Beta testing phase, a new website was launched as well. On the new site you will be able to find artwork from the cards, info on the game and even a new trailer.

Source: Press release
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