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Carte Description

Step into a fantasy world where you use thousands of different cards to create your very own deck in order to defeat your opponents with superior strategy and skills...


In the online trading card game, Carte, you can carry out your matches anytime and anywhere. With your friends and acquaintances, you will collect and trade thousands of virtual cards in order to create the perfect deck. In this game, the possibilities for your deck are nearly endless... just make sure you have the right strategies to go along with them.

There are five different factions in the free-to-play online game Carte. Regardless for which faction you decide to fight for, all that matters is whether or not you have used your cards to the best of their, and your, abilities. Of course that means being able to master the numerous skills your cards make available to you during battle as well.

Carte offers you the chance to use thousands of different cards with a wide range of spells and creatures, which you can use to destroy any enemies you encounter. When you start your adventure in the fantasy world, you will have to begin with a much smaller deck. You must first build your way up by defeating opponents. The more opponents you beat in duels, the more choices you will have to customize your deck.

The client-based online game, Carte, is a collectible card game. That means you will collect virtual cards featuring creatures, powerful spells and other fantasy themed powers and utilize them in duels. If you know your cards well and have a solid strategy, victory could be yours.

by Kyle Hayth

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