Cars: Fast As Lightning
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Cars: Fast As Lightning
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Cars: Fast As Lightning Description

Journey through your own Cars story in this interactive strategy game. Who among you and your friends will be the fastest driver as you compete in hair-raising race courses, whilst performing death-defying stunts!


Cars: Fast as Lightning is a free-to-play mobile game in which you get to race as one of your favorite characters from the Disney film. Rebuild the fictional cartoon town of Radiator Springs and interact with the buildings and scenery for a fun town-building meets car-racing app. This title is suitable for all ages with easy controls, quirky 3D graphics, and humorous dialog.

This mobile game captures a true likeness of the characters from the famous Pixar franchise. Choose to play as the smooth 'n‘ sleek Lightning McQueen or the ultra fast Italian Francesco Bernoulli. Each character has their strengths in racing, such as unique handling abilities and powerful acceleration.

Once you have chosen your character, you can begin racing. Although racing is taken a little less seriously in this game compared to other titles like Grand Prix Racing Online, you will still get a buzz from being the first to cross the finish line. You can race around familiar courses or choose to funk it up by adding sections to the track to make it more difficult. Place ramps, loops, and obstacles in the way to give you more of a challenge, while setting you and the other players up for some serious high flying stunts! Build a racing strategy as you compete against your friends online using Nitrous Oxide gas to give you that all important boost!

Racing is not the only goal in Cars: Fast as Lightning. You must also recreate the fictional town of Radiator Springs. This is a cartoon village dreamt up by the animators at Pixar that represents a composite of multiple places on the historic Route 66 in America. Construct buildings such as Luigi’s Casa Della Tires and the Fillmore’s Taste In, all of which feature in the movie. Build over 30 types of buildings, each with a particular car-oriented purpose. Keep your vehicle safe by building a garage or build a paint shop and give you character the ultimate paint job.

This game is available on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets.

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