Carnage Racing: New Racing Title Now Open to All

11/23/2012 05:00 am by Kyle Hayth in NewsFacebook GamesBrowser Games

Carnage Racing

Carnage Racing

Ever wanted to put your racing skills to the test but don’t want to have to download an annoying client? Thanks to Carnage Racing entering the open beta testing phase, everyone can now enjoy the thrills of blasting fellow racers with missiles and crossing the finish line right in Facebook.

Carnage Racing is a free-to-play Facebook app that allows you get out on the track and challenge your friends. Now in the open beta testing phase, players from around the world can install the app and get racing without having to download anything or pay.

Combining elements found in a number of racing games, players have the opportunity to not only cross the finish line in creative ways with warp portals and epic jumps, they can also blast their way to the checkered flag by utilizing weapons attached right to their vehicles.
Currently featuring 13 different tracks all based on one island, Carnage Racing is designed to give players the chance to find their own way to the finish line. Timing and practice are definitely needed because leaving the jump wrong or not opening a portal in time could mean you end up in last place.

There are also a number of vehicles already available, which can be upgraded retro-fitted and changed to improve performance. Of course, that means purchasing new weapons for your cars as well to blast your way through the competition!

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