Caribic Islands
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Caribic Islands
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Caribic Islands Description

Take on the role of the lord of a Caribbean island and build a thriving metropolis. You need a lot of resources and strategic skill to expand you empire...


You have been deserted by your friends on a Pacific island and now have to fight for your survival all on your own. Caribic Islands is a browser game in which your task is to create your own island state. Do not give up easily and use all resources the island provides you with.

Gather a sufficient supply of timber, gold and weapons to create a basis for life on the island. But be careful and use your resources wisely to advance the development on your island in Caribic Islands. The continuous research and development of technologies are two important things to remember in the browser game Caribic Islands. Furthermore, it is very important to train soldiers to ward off enemy pirates and protect your island. The pirates will certainly try to plunder your resources. It’s up to you to stop them.

You have the opportunity to conquer new islands and negotiate with other players. Join with them to strengthen your position in Caribic Islands. Together with others you can accomplish more than if you fight alone. Enemies can be defeated more easily and your valuable resources are much safer.

Only with strategy, tactics, and economic cleverness can you become the lord of a prosperous island state in the online game Caribic Islands.

by Kyle Hayth

Caribic Islands Screenshots

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