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CardMon Hero
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CardMon Hero Description

Aria is torn between the forces of good and evil. It is up to you to use your magical cards and help save the world from evil creatures threatening to destroy everything in their path...


As the truce was broken between Inersia and Zerdantis, the world of Aria was threatened by powerful, evil creatures. In CardMon Hero, it is your job to fight these forces of evil with magical cards and superior tactics. You are the hero and the cards are your weapons.

By using your cards to summon mercenaries, you can engage in intense and ever changing engagements that are common in CardMon Hero. There are other mercenary cards such as a healer, one that does superior damage and one that has superior health. This is known as the Role Distribution system. However, these can only be used during at certain times in the fray, so use them wisely.

CardMon Hero also has the unique Card Combination system. By combining your mercenary cards with other cards of the same type, the card can be upgraded. If you have enough cards to combine together, there is even a chance of creating a new one.

There is a large, expansive world ready to be explored through extensive quests. CardMon Hero has an interconnected map system which allows the player to travel across huge distances while pursuing his/her goal.

If you are feeling particularly brave and have a group of friends online or team up with other players in CardMon Hero, you can even engage in Extensive Hunts. These are special missions dispensed when the Extensive Hunt mode is on. They require good teamwork and first-class tactics to overcome the named creatures which alone are unbeatable.

Become the hero. Fight the evil forces of Zerdantis and quell the rising tide of demons pouring out of gates across Aria. Only with quick thinking and sharp skills will you be able to accomplish your goal and save the world.

by Kyle Hayth

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