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Card Hunter
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Card Hunter Description

Fiery dragons and magical beasts stand in your way of becoming the mightiest adventurer the world of strategy games has ever seen. Do you have what it takes to defeat other players and take the single-player campaign by storm? Your fate lies in the cards…


While Card Hunter might seem like an ordinary trading card game at first glance, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Build your deck any way you want to - as long as you have enough power, you will be victorious. Each card has a unique purpose, whether that’s to move, attack or defend other units. Keep that in mind when you assemble your team of fearless warriors. Instead of unlocking certain decks with real-life money, you will have to play the actual game to collect cards. Set yourself apart by strategically planning your assaults on other knights or non-player characters controlled by artificial intelligence. That’s right - Card Hunter features both single-player and multiplayer content.

Set in medieval times, this online game features mythical creatures such as dragons, trolls and goblins. Combat is based on turn-based mechanics which gives you enough time to plan your attacks before it is your turn to shine. Learning your cards' attributes will give you an advantage over other players and guarantee that you are always one step ahead. Knowing what your units are capable of is the first step to conquering dungeons and taking over the fantasy world. You are also on the constant lookout for treasure chests and valuable loot to bulk up your inventory.

Card Hunter is a browser game that’s based on Flash technology. This enables the developers to not only release the title as a downloadable version, but also work on a mobile version for all common operating systems. The team behind this particular strategy game is made up of video game titans, including game designers and programmers from BioShock, Magic: The Gathering and Rift. This free-to-play title has much to offer for strategy buffs and roleplaying game aficionados.

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