Candy Crush Saga
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Candy Crush Saga
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Candy Crush Saga Description

Candy Crush Saga is a highly-addictive matching game featuring more than 500 delicious levels for players to conquer. The fun-to-play, yet difficult to master title is free-to-play working seamlessly across platforms.


Candy Crush Saga is preparing to take over your smartphone. The hit game is now available on your mobile device, complete with seamless integration to the Facebook version. Featuring over 500 delicious levels, the free-to-play game offers hours of tasteful gameplay that appears easy at first, but is truly difficult to master.

In Candy Crush Saga, players join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee in a deliciously epic adventure through the Candy Kingdom. The sweet saga can be played alone, or with a friend as you battle it out to see who can get the highest score. Perfect your switch and matching techniques to topple your friends in this popular match-three casual puzzle game.

Featuring colorfully tasty graphics, players must move candies using vertical or horizontal swipes to match three (or more) red jelly beans, orange lozenges, yellow lemon drops, purple clusters, blue lollipops or green chiclets. Players earn more points the bigger the grouping, but watch out for obstacles such as chocolates, bombs or liquorice swirls that can gum up the works.

Each level continues the same basic gameplay mechanics of matching the sweets, but to clear the level and move on, players must complete the objective. Objectives include meeting a high score, moving ingredient items to the bottom of the board, or clearing the jellies. As players progress, turn or time limit restrictions may be introduced alongside further obstructions to the delicious goals.

The latest version of Candy Crush Saga unlocks a variety of new content to the popular puzzler. Players continue their Adventure in Candy Kingdom and jump aboard the Jelly Wagon, defeat it and earn the Champion Title of Whacky Warlock. The Tiki Fiesta returns players to the secondary campaign of the Dreamworld to play with Marmalade and bomb-producing cannons. King constantly keeps fresh content coming.

Candy Crush Saga is truly a sweet game all around. Get satiated!

Candy Crush Saga Screenshots

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Candy Crush Saga News

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