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Campo Kickers
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Campo Kickers Description

Show other soccer teams what you’ve got and prove to the world that your players are the most disciplined, enduring and professional kickers to ever grace a playing field. This browser game puts you in the shoes of a renowned team manager...


Setting up your very own soccer club is no easy feat, that’s for sure. But with dedication, a positive attitude and the right strategy there is no stopping you in Camp Kickers, the browser game. Before you get to send your talented players out on the field, you have to start from the beginning. Become a founder by signing up an account and diving into a fictional universe in which playing soccer is not just a simple hobby, but a profession that’s to be taken seriously. Name your club and design a jersey that your team will proudly show off on the playing field.

Campo Kickers offers all players new challenges and difficult matches, whether you are into soccer or not. The free online game requires no prior knowledge of the sport itself. Everything you need to know to get started is explained through a thorough tutorial. These missions might seem pretty easy to handle at first, but will get more difficult as you keep playing. Being responsible for your own team involves more work than one might think: There’s more to leading your team to victory than just training your players. To climb the official leaderboard and beat other kickers, you will have to keep your finances in check, reel in new sponsors, and attend glamorous events. That’s okay though, as each of these activities will grant you valuable rewards in the end.

The first step to becoming a legendary soccer manager is collecting resources. Cash and sausages (yes, sausages!) are what you need to look out for. While managers are the backbone of an entire team, the stars that shine the brightest are the players. They represent your legacy and score the goals after all! Make sure to keep them in tip-top shape by hiring the best trainers and coaches. The more milestones you reach, the more Campo Kickers achievements you unlock!

Campo Kickers Screenshots

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