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Camp Pokémon
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Camp Pokémon Description

Phew, catching Pokémon, training them, and battling it out against other trainers can be quite tiresome after a while! There’s only one thing that will give you the rest you need: a vacation on a picturesque island…


If you’ve been a Pokémon fan from the very beginning, you have spent the last 15 years catching diverse monsters, training them, and growing really attached to them. It’s about time that you take a well-deserved rest from Team Rocket and Co. and simply go on vacation. Sounds good? How about you travel to Camp Pokémon to get the rest you need! Don’t worry, in this mobile game, you won’t have to leave your powerful creatures behind. Instead, you will take on completely different tasks that will teach you entirely new things about Pikachu, Squirtle, and your other favorites.

Why don’t you become an explorer on the magical island? Take a huge magnifying glass, stroll around the island, and discover hidden Pokémon in the thicket. Who knows, you might even find a Mew! Naturally, catching a few of these exotic creatures will provide for more action-packed gameplay. Take a few Pokéballs and start the hunt for new monsters in your collection. Keep in mind though that it might take several tries before you can call a Pokémon your own - especially if the creature is strong. Don’t forget the actual purpose for your visit, however. You came here to relax, which is why the island offers several activities that are physically less strenuous. Some of these tasks will instead challenge your brain. Take part in a few quizzes that will test your knowledge. Can you guess all the development stages of Grimer? You might want to look at a list of all Pokémon before participating, just to make sure. Another quiz will ask you which Pokémon type is superior over another.

How about you visit the photobooth at the coastline? Here, you can take pictures with your iPhone or iPad and enhance them with countless stickers. At the end of Camp Pokémon, you can uncover the secret of the mysterious cave. You will have to download the free app on your mobile device and find out for yourself what it is about...

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