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Call of War
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Call of War Description

Become the leader of one of the most powerful nations during World War 2. Call of War is all about reliable alliances and military success.


Rewrite History in Call of War

World War 2 not only shocked and appalled generations of people, but it also fascinated them. Military strategies, technological advances, and diplomacy had never been this multilayered and complex before. It was literally a World War spanning across the entire globe. Call of War is set during this heated time in human history. It is of no surprise that relentless expansions, weapon research, and strategic diplomacy are of utmost importance in this strategic browser game. Experience the year 1942 in a brand new way in the free-to-play real time strategy game. You choose a faction and conquer provinces, forge alliances, and put your military skills to the test. You can also create an economic imperium that develops state of the art weapons. This will certainly make your country a powerful ally and a force to be reckoned with. Secret projects including the construction of atomic bombs are an integral part of Call of War. The research possibilities go even further than that! There are more than 120 different units that you can explore in the RTS. You decide what your focus will be:

  • Infantry
  • Ground vehicles
  • Aircrafts
  • Naval units
  • Secret weapons

According to your choice, you will take part in tank battles, naval warfare, or dogfights.

With Friends or Strangers at Multiple Fronts

What was one of the most significant aspects of World War 2? The war was fought in various places across the world. This is reflected in the war game. Up to thirty players can face each other in heated battles. It is up to you whether you fight alongside friends or strangers. It is also possible to start various rounds at the same time and continue them later.

Call of War is a free-to-play browser game. Delve into the strategic war game by opening the browser of your choice and registering an account.

Call of War Screenshots

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