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Call of Gods
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Call of Gods Description

Choose your path to greatness and glory as you battle your away across desolate fields and hordes of enemies. Create an empire from the ground up and build armies to sweep across the land...


Call of Gods is a free-to-play real-time strategy game that challenges you to create an empire and conquer the world. Beginning with just a fortress wall and headquarters, you will need to construct more buildings to gather resources, store items and research new technologies.

By researching technologies and upgrading buildings, you can attract more heroes to join your kingdom in Call of Gods. Each hero has powerful skills and weapons that can prove very useful in battle. The more heroes you have, the more troops that you can command on the battlefield.

As you travel around the world and discover dark secrets in Call of Gods, you will encounter fearsome creatures and formidable enemies. Take on these foes in battles with your troops and heroes. Depending on how well you have prepared, you can leave the battlefield victorious or as the defeated.

With every defeated enemy, you have the chance of finding some powerful dropped items in Call of Gods. At the end of every battle, you will receive a list of items dropped after the dust settles of the battle. This is where your hero can receive incredibly powerful items as well as resources for your kingdom.

Call of Gods also offers you the opportunity to get new items and equipment at the resource exchange. Exchange honor or resources for these items which you can use to upgrade your hero and make them more powerful.

Take part in a dark adventure with quests, battles and secrets around every corner. Call of Gods challenges you to create a mighty empire and build vast armies as you level your hero. Found the most renowned kingdom and secure your place in the annals of history.

by Kyle Hayth

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