Call of Duty - Heroes: Massive New Update with New Hero

01/29/2015 07:24 am by William Hankin in NewsStrategyWar

Activision (Cabela's Big Game Hunter) really has gone to town with this new update for Call of Duty: Heroes, which is packed out with new features. Where do we start? Well, it doesn't just include a new hero, but also new avatars, new modes of gameplay, half a dozen new leagues, not to mention new character skills.
  • New Hero
The new hero in this strategy game is called Ghost, who is definitely going to wreak havoc with his unique strengths on the battlefield, one of which unleashes 3 powerful cannons in a skill called Gunship Killstreak. With a name like that, need we go into describing the power of this attack?
  • New Gameplay Modes
Base Edit Mode has been introduced to Call of Duty: Heroes which lets players quickly and easily reconfigure their bases. Players can save up to 5 different configurations, allowing them to change between them with ease. Then there's Survival Mode, which will give players more varied rewards when fighting for accomplishments in battle, allowing players to progress and level up more quickly.
  • New Avatars and More
There are 13 new avatars, including 6 female avatars, which will join you in the MMO battle against other players online. What is more, there are new leagues and championships to enter, where you can prove yourself in a 6 different categories of leaderboards. Each league level and tier that a player achieves will be met with an increasingly awesome reward. So get ready, because with this new update, the this rivalry among players has never been stronger!
Stay tuned for more Call of Duty: Heroes news!

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