Call of Duty: Heroes
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Call of Duty: Heroes
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Call of Duty: Heroes Description

Bring the action wherever you go. Simply download the strategic action game on your tablet or phone and conduct war on the go. Meet Captain Price, Soap, Harper, and others - who you might still remember from the Call of Duty series…


The Call of Duty franchise has been around for quite some time. The original installment came out as early as 2003, and since then the series has defined the war gaming genre like no other. Spanning World War 2, the Cold War, and near future settings, the Call of Duty franchise offers a little something for all fans of the genre. The series is well known for focusing on single player content and telling a profound story with compelling characters. It was only a matter of time before publisher Activision decided to bring the brand to mobile devices.

Call of Duty: Heroes is a free-to-play mobile game that adds an entirely new dimension to the series. Not only is it the first installment in the franchise to be launched exclusively on smartphones and tablets, but it is also the first one to explore an entirely new genre. The app is a combat strategy game in which you get to build a base, train an army, and command battles. Best of all, the RTS is free-to-play which means that you can simply head over to the iTunes Store and download the app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

In Call of Duty: Heroes, you will be the commander of your very own outpost. Your goal is to turn it into an impenetrable base which all other players will treat with respect. Instead of slipping into the role of one individual fighter, you will control an entire army. Don’t worry about missing the iconic atmosphere of the franchise, however. Call of Duty: Heroes features many of the famous characters of the franchise that players have met at one point or another throughout the series. Captain Price, Soap, Harper, and many others will make an important appearance in the mobile game.

Unleash massive killstreaks by wisely organizing your care packages, drone strikes, infantry, juggernauts, etc. The real time strategy game features a lot of content, upgrades, and objects that you can explore and unlock.

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Call of Duty: Heroes News

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