Call of Alliance
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Call of Alliance
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Call of Alliance Description

Dive into an adventure based on a fantasy world that has become shrouded in darkness. Begin your quest to become the savior of the Central Land and recruit a formation of heroes that no monster can defeat! Group up with others to increase your power...


Call of Alliance is a real-time RPG in which players embark on an adventure to rid the world of a darkness that has helped the evil lord rise to power. You are invited to explore a world in which humans, elves, dwarves, treants, ringwraiths and ogres all once coexisted, that was until the devil Solon Ergoth invaded the Central Land and disturbed the peace.

Begin your journey as either a Gladiator, Mage, or Archer, each with their own unique features and attributes that will aid you in battle. The Gladiator wields a large sword and is cloaked in strong armor, giving him an advantage in both offense and defense. Mages can cast devastating spells that not only cause massive damage, but also weaken their opponents. Then there's the Archer, a vital long range hero which can pierce strong armor with their magical arrows in this browser game.

Take on the quest to rid the world of Solon’s tyranny and control by taking on missions that will see you fighting ominous beasts and visiting the darkest corners of the earth. The challenges you face will become progressively more difficult, requiring more skill and weaponry to take down increasingly difficult bosses. Once you turn into an experienced Call of Alliance player, you will be able to embark on quests such as the elite challenge where some of the most dangerous bosses will ambush you and your alliance. You will be generously rewarded for taking on such feats, with XP and silver.

It will benefit you to join a guild in this free-to-play MMO, where you can use the abilities of all the members to take down even other players. You can also create formations of heroes to increase the whole team’s combat power. This means that you can enter battle with multiple heroes at once. Choose the formation wisely and notice an increase in overall strength and power.

Call of Alliance Screenshots

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