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CalcioStreet Description

In this free-to-play virtual soccer game, you have the opportunity to become a highly skilled and renowned player by training for and competing in exciting matches...


The browser based game CalcioStreet takes you into the shoes of an up-and-coming football star. Through vigorous training you are given the chance to radically improve your skills and thereby your chances of in-game success. As with any sport, training is almost as equally as important as the game matches in order to sustain your skills and continue to improve. Once you are ready, you are able to join an existing team or create a new one. Strive to land a contract with your favorite CalcioStreet team!

The 2D free-to-play online game CalcioStreet is, however, not just about competing in and training for virtual soccer matches. In addition to playing your favorite sport, you are able to purchase a house or car, and socialize with other players at the in-game disco.

The free-to-play browser game CalcioStreet allows you to participate in all the excitement of soccer matches, without having to leave the comforts of home. The game also allows players to develop their knowledge of the sport, as well as learn new and exciting techniques. The sports game CalcioStreet doesn’t require any downloads or plugins to be played, and can be simply accessed through a web browser. With simple and undemanding graphics, this means that you can login to the soccer game from any PC across the world simply by entering your registered user details, and begin game play.

by Kyle Hayth

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