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Caesary Description

This free browser game takes you right back to the Ancient Roman Empire. Here, you have the opportunity to rewrite history and become the most powerful man in Rome...


Caesary is both a military simulation and a real-time construction strategy game. It is also free-to-play and browser-based, which means you don’t have to download a client before playing. At the beginning of Caesary, you take on the role of a Roman Consul. It is your goal to restore order in Ancient Rome.

The first seven days in the web game are relatively safe. You’re under noob protection so nobody can attack you. You best start building up your economy as soon as possible. The more cottages and jobs you create the higher the population. You also need resource buildings (such as a farm, sawmill and iron mine) to get going. Of course, you need to expand and defend your empire. Therefore, it is important to build up an army and construct enough war machines.

Since Caesary takes place an Ancient Rome, the gods play a major role. You better select one of the deities to appease. In the online game, there are three gods to choose from: Jupiter, Minerva and Juno. Jupiter helps with the construction of buildings, Minerva with troops training and Juno increases the growth rate of your population.

The online game Caesary features a sophisticated combat system which allows you and any other player to join fights and take an active part in ongoing battles. There are many differents kinds of troops. You can create an army that serves your individual purposes and strategies.

by Kyle Hayth

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