Cabela's Big Game Hunter
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Cabela's Big Game Hunter
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Cabela's Big Game Hunter Description

The online world is in need of a legendary hunter and that might just be you! Take on new adventures in this online game brought to you by Activision and do your best to get wild animals in your crosshairs. Pull the trigger and claim your trophy...


Being a professional hunter comes with great risks: You’re out in the open, tracking down wild animals hoping to get a good shot and eventually take home a trophy. Then there are the repercussions that come with killing a live beast: You'll have to deal with the corpse and maybe, just maybe, feel a bit remorseful for taking an innocent life. Maybe that's just us! But in Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, you have the chance to turn into a hunter or huntress without having to deal with any of the issues listed above. You can simply create a character, choose a weapon, and explore a vast 3D world just seconds after downloading the free app on your iOS or Android mobile device.

There’s no stopping you once you sign up for Cabela’s Big Game Hunter. Dozens of unique hunting missions await you in this free mobile game, each more challenging than the last. Thankfully, you have a broad arsenal of different firearms and weapons at your disposal ranging from simple bows to shotguns that will get the job done when in close range. The right outfit has to be chosen carefully as well, especially if you are opting for camouflage gear that will help you blend in with your surroundings. Speaking of surroundings: In this free hunting game, you will trek across the continent and visit places that you could otherwise only dream of exploring in real life. Two game modes are available: one in which survival is your biggest goal, one in which putting your skills to the test is all that matters. A set of tutorial quests will guide you through the ins and outs of Cabela's Big Game Hunter brought to you by Activision (Call of Duty: Heroes).

Use gadgets to track down even the most elusive animals and use technology to your advantage to add new trophies to your collection. It is recommended to always keep an eye on bonus objectives while going on a mission in Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, as additional experience will help you gain access to special powers and make it easier to take on thrilling hunting adventures while on the go or at home.

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