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Cabal Online
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Cabal Online Description

Embark on a journey to a land ruled by a dark history and a fickle future, in a quest to take on evil in your bid to save the world from the wicked schemes of the Cabal.


Over 1,000 years ago, the Cabal furiously wiped the land clean, reaping destruction and carnage. At that time seven great masters of Force Power gathered the remaining survivors and lead and inspired them to reconstruct their devastated world. News was received however, that the Cabal are plotting an evil scheme to reproduce the destruction, breeding a child to be king. It is up to you to protect civilisation and fight the villainous enemies until the death.

Cabal Online is a Fantasy MMORPG, published by ESTsoft, which takes you to a mythical world, Nevareth, full of fantastical and bizarre creatures. The client game takes you on a journey through strange worlds, meeting quirky characters and facing fierce monsters along the way.

In Cabal Online, you must choose from one of six different character classes – Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Shielder and Force Blader. The 'Authentic Six' each have their own combat skills. Battles are won through physical strength as apposed to technique and speed, so training is essential to victory.

Use your unique magic potions and powerful skills to aid your physical strength and lead you to victory. There are many magic and sword skills in Cabal Online which can help you defeat your opponents in combat, many of which can be used in combination. Sword skills include the power stab, heavy slash and raging thrust. Magic skills include the fire arrow, magic blast, stone cannon and freezing lance.

The unique duelling system of Cabal Online features a betting system, and the striking 3D graphics delivers you straight into the heart of the action. With over 100 NPCs, as well as endless quests, you are sure never to be short of diversity and challenges in Cabal Online. Come face to face with the invaders of Nevareth, and defend and protect civilisation from devastation once more.

by Kyle Hayth

Cabal Online Screenshots

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