Business Tycoon Online: Pyramid Zone Offers Players New Challenges

02/21/2011 04:11 am in News

You can take your business to the next level in the browser game, Business Tycoon Online, with the introduction of the newly opened Pyramid Zone. Publishers LeKool have created an area where you can go to get fabulous prizes and challenge yourself with new quests.
Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online

The Silver, Gold, Diamond and Mystery Pyramids are now available to be challenged in Liberty City thanks to publishers LeKool (WarFlow, Caesary). Each pyramid features a quest tree with different levels that offers you various rewards for your hard work in Business Tycoon Online. Silver pyramid is the easiest and can be completed without even spending any gold. Gold is relatively easy as well but may be a bit more time consuming to complete than silver. Diamond of course is the most rewarding with the highest probability to receive a mystery key. This is required to enter the Mystery Pyramid which can give you the chance to win the Moonlight Crystal among other great prizes.

The rules of the Pyramid System are quite simple to follow. Once you have started a pyramid, there are only two ways to get out and select a new one. You must either complete all of the quests in the pyramid or use a Direct Bee to move on to another pyramid. If you complete all the quests in the pyramid, you are given the option to reset it, which will give you new quests. Just remember to be careful though, because you are only given 1 Direct Bee every seven days and if you can’t complete the quests, you are stuck in the pyramid until you can use it.

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