Business Tycoon Online
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Business Tycoon Online
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Business Tycoon Online Description

Become a widely respected entrepreneur in this browser-based business simulation game. Venture to Liberty City and establish several successful businesses in your bid to earn wealth and status...


Business Tycoon Online is a browser strategy game that is set in the wealthy Liberty City. Your mission is to establish your own company and expand a profitable business empire. There are over 100 different kinds of shops you can manage in the business simulation game, and four main industries you can enter. These include the Entertainment Industry, Catering Industry, Service Industry and Sales Industry. Players can only select one industry in the online game Business Tycoon Online. Once you have selected your desired field, you can begin opening various shops and even factories to manufacture your products.

One of the most important aspects of Business Tycoon Online is your staff. There are six varying classes of staff in the game; the higher the class of employee, the more status and power your company will have. The more efficient your employees are, the higher your revenue will be, so staff training is crucial. You will also have your own sassy secretary to assist you with all the responsibilities of running your own business empire. To maintain your successful business you will need to ensure it obtains enough media coverage. Media exposure can be purchased in Business Tycoon Online in various forms, including through magazines, television, newspapers, internet and radio.

As your business grows, and wealth and prestige come your way, you have the opportunity to be inducted into the esteemed City Hall. However, should you play an unsatisfactory role in the prestigious City Hall, you will be quickly dismissed by your fellow players. Use your newly found wealth to purchase prominent items including slick cars, chic suits, honorable medals and even private helicopters in Business Tycoon Online.

by Kyle Hayth

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