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Bushido Battle
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Bushido Battle Description

In Shanghai, China fierce battles rage between Bushido. Train hard and earn a name for yourself as you defeat other in the back alleys and around town to become the ultimate Bushido warrior...


Bushido Battle is a free-to-play strategy browser game where you aspire to become the number one Bushido in all of Shanghai. Join a gang or go it alone as you go head-to-head with other players to prove you are the best.

The world of Bushido Battle is a dangerous place. To advance in the game you have to train at the Dojo to become stronger. Only when you have bettered your stats than the other players and NPC’s do you stand even a fighting.

However, not all is so simple in Bushido Battle. After training, you are going to be tired and need recuperate. Once you have regained your energy and are looking for a scrap, try your hand at committing crime or finding a job. Though getting caught could land you in jail and you don’t want that. Make sure to be careful when getting into fights! If you get in over your head and are beaten you will have to go to the hospital and depending on your injuries, the time varies.

There are various social channels for players of Bushido Battle as well. On your homepage, there is a newspaper where people can make posts, which can turn off or on as you will. There is also a chat function where players come together to organize events or just hang out.

Create your character and rule the streets as the best Bushido in Bushido Battle. Compete against other players, train your skills and make a name for yourself in this free-to-play browser strategy game.

by Kyle Hayth

Bushido Battle Screenshots

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