Bulletstar: Mafia-themed browser game now in full swing Open Beta

10/20/2010 05:21 am in News

The crime-themed browser game Bulletstar just blasted into the Open Beta phase of testing (OBT) in the United States. The first OBT phase in North America will run until early next year, and will be proceeded by a second phase of testing, to ensure the game is bug-free when it's launched.


The OBT phase of the mafia online game commenced on October 14th and will run right through until January 2nd 2011. All North American players are able to participate by simply registering an account on the Bulletstar homepage. The second phase of OBT will then commence on January 3rd 2011, at which point developers hope to provide weekly updates and bug fixes.

Bulletstar by Dutch developer G-Projects takes you on a crime-fuelled adventure as leader of your own notorious mafia gang. Reign as gang leader and participate in criminal activities including drug dealing, cocaine manufacturing, car theft, extortion and even murder. With your dirty money you can invest in modified cars or splurge at the local casino. Try your luck on the blackjack and roulette tables, or hit the slot machines. Do whatever it takes to rise to power in the underworld, and become known as the most fierce mafia gang leader in all of Bulletstar. It is crucial to use strategy and choose your crimes wisely, so you don't end up in a dingy prison.

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