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Bulletstar Description

Create your own Mafia Empire: With the support of your family you will be able to score major coups. But you have to start with very small pick pocketing delicts...


Bulletstar is a text-based browser game. Unlike other Mafia games, the charm of BulletStar lies not only in the graphics, which are supposed to look cool. The charm lies also in the gradual ascent to the very top. Whenever you think everything has been done already, you score another coup by using your wits and good tactics. With a little luck you will make it into the annals of Bulletstar.

The free-to-play web game Bulletstar basically consists of three aspects. As a rogue, you have to take care of your own criminal activities. On the other hand, you can splurge your money in the casino or invest in some good cars. In the casino there are slot machines, roulette, blackjack, lotteries, and more available for you to play. In Bulletstar, there’s always the risk, of course, that you lose a lot there; but, with a little luck, there is also much to gain. Just don't forget that, in the end, the bank will always be the winner. So better don't push your luck.

If there is too much money on your bank account and you’re afraid of tax investigation, you can also invest in cars and motorcycles, tuning the vehicles and then use them for wild car racings.

The online game Bulletstar is a great success especially in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the online game is popular across the border as well.

by Kyle Hayth

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