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Bullet Run
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Bullet Run Description

It is the year 2020 and the line between entertainment and reality has become blurred, as people increasingly demand more extreme thrills. Step into the lifelike virtual reality and see for yourself…


Bullet Run is a free-to-play multiplayer game with a unique setting. Based on global combat game show, real people with real weapons fight for stardom, success and fame every night in front of the camera. Using a new technology, replicas of players bodies are created before each show, so that upon demise, their neural patterns can be restored, allowing players essentially to go back out and fight within minutes. The combat arenas are found in a variety of locations in the shooter game Bullet Run, from prisons to oil rigs to abandoned towns. All this is organized by the US entertainment network and broadcasted live to a large global audience.

You start the online game Bullet Run as an entry-level contestant, striving to build up your reputation and become a known player in this global combative phenomenon. Not only do you need to successfully defeat your opponents, but you will also need to play up to the thousands of people tuning in to watch you fight. Fame and fortune is the ultimate reward in the multiplayer game Bullet Run. As you defeat your opponents you unlock new and powerful weaponry, weaponry modifications and enhancements, custom weaponry decals, wardrobe items, accessories and more, allowing you to individualize your character.

The first person shooter Bullet Run is playable both on your PC and your console, allowing convenient access to the game. With a unique storyline, advanced character customization, in-game heat system and dedicated player skills, the game offers a lot of variety with a fresh storyline.

by Kyle Hayth

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