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Broken Realm
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Broken Realm Description

In a land without a true king, one man rules the capital city, facing constant challenges to the legitimacy of his claim to the throne. The countless challengers are amassing their armies and you are in the middle of it all in this fantasy MMORPG.


Decide what type of hero you will become by choosing one of the four available classes. Learn the ways of the Paladin or Barbarian if melee combat is your style, or choose the path of the Archer or Mage if you prefer to attack from a distance with a bow or your arcane abilities. Further define your place in this Broken Realm by choosing one of the three specializations for each class, setting yourself apart from other members of your class and making your impact on the world around you truly unique.

You will have numerous weapons and artifacts at your disposal, some of which will require a great deal of work to obtain, but will increase your strength beyond your wildest dreams. Take up your Spirit Stone and infuse it with ancient powers to provide yourself with a mass-effect attack. You can then further upgrade or convert this mystical stone for increased power. Should your thirst for power remain unquenched, research the methods required to forge another even mightier weapon, the Malacris.

Even with these weapons in your hands, never underestimate the power of knowledge or battlefield experience. Increase your wisdom as you lay waste to the enemies that lie before you until you have earned the Master rank and the peak of combat knowledge. There is still honor to be gained even at the rank of Master however, so take to the battlefield and let your deeds do the talking, earning honor from your faction and climbing the military ranks to earn even more rewards and special privileges as a member of the king’s forces. Your realm is in disarray, but it is up to you and your heroic efforts to restore peace to your land in Broken Realms.

by Jonathan Smith

Broken Realm Screenshots

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