Broken Reality Online
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Broken Reality Online
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Broken Reality Online Description

Determine the fate of the earth as you bravely fight in a futuristic game world for one of three power-hungry and feuding forces. Who will rule the future planet earth?


Broken Reality Online is a browser based game set in a distant future on planet earth. Three nations – The Prometheans, the Mythic and the Unliving – are in an ongoing struggle for world domination. The Prometheans represent the remaining surviving humans of the great Global War that almost killed all life on earth. The Mythic are the physical embodiment of dreams and legends incarnated by the powerful life-force of the earth. The Unliving are the embodiment of our worst nightmares, seeking to destroy all remaining life on earth. Players must choose one of these three playable races to fight for in the massively multiplayer online game Broken Reality Online.

In the browser game Broken Reality Online players can equip their characters with various Virtual Cards of Weapons, Artefacts and special abilities that will enhance their performance in real-time battles against ferocious enemies. Once you have a certain amount of in-game experience you will be able to construct your very own powerful Virtual Cards. Additionally, there are over 60 lands to explore and conquer in the futuristic role-playing game Broken Reality Online.

Build up and expand entire cities, lead and inspire an almighty army and become a renowned leader within your faction as your fight for your cause. There are eight different regions of the world to explore with intricate graphics, unusual terrain and lurking enemies. Fight in real-time alongside hundreds of other players in the MMORPG Broken Reality Online, take control of the world in the name of your faction, and strive to win the entire War Season.

by Kyle Hayth

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