Brick-Force: Overview of the Game Modes

05/22/2012 10:09 am by Kyle Hayth in Tips & Tricks

Brick-Force offers a square-style shooter to players around the world, but what exactly does the game offer in terms of game modes? Well, we have created an overview for you to get to know the gameplay a little bit better...


The cube-shaped players, facing off against one another. In this game mode, it is a complete free-for-all. As soon as a pre-determined number of kills is reached by a player, the game will end and the victory will go to said warrior!

Team Deathmatch

The classic battle that everyone knows and loves - pitting two teams against one another and seeing who comes out on top. In this case, it is red versus blue. The match will start as soon as both teams click "Ready". The team which wins the most rounds will be declared the winner.


Tactics are important in this game mode - while the redt team tries to plant a bomb at one of two designated locations, the blue team will have to defend these targets. If red team manages to plant a bomb, a countdown will begin. However, the blue team can defuse the bomb and thereby win the game.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag will challenge players to prove that they can not only work together, but have some strategy and tricks up their sleeve as well. The goal of this game mode is to take the flag of your opponent and deliver it to your own team's base. If the flag carrier is taken down, the flag will be lost and can be seen by all players on the map.
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