Brawlhalla Test: Button Mashing 2D Action

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Brawlhalla Test: Button Mashing Action

Ever since I first played Brawlhalla, I have been wanting to do a more in-depth review of it. From the first time I picked the game up, I knew that this PC-based fighting game was something special.

It’s not every day that you come across a game that genuinely stirs up feelings of nostalgia, while being a solid standalone free-to-play game by itself. Brawlhalla manages to hit this particular nail on the head with its fun and colorful 2D platform fighting madness. Upon first seeing the game, people will start calling it a Super Smash Bros. clone, or accuse the game of being unoriginal and boring; however after playing the game for even a short amount of time, you’ll quickly find out that this isn’t the case at all.

Brawlhalla is Free on Steam

Brawlhalla is Free on Steam

Fast-Paced Action

The gameplay in Brawlhalla is great. It’s extremely easy to pick up, and it has a really high skill ceiling, opening up the potential for some awesome competitive games and a really active ranked ladder. When playing the game, there’s usually a whole load of button mashing and acrobatics involved; dodging other players attacks, picking up weapons, and not dying can be really difficult at times, and requires some fast reflexes and a lot of practice to do it well. For anyone starting the game, it’s definitely worth heading into the training mode to get to grips with the controls and some of the items. The basics are really easy to pick up, and from there it’s down to individual player’s skill and tactics. Check out the video below to see some of the gameplay.

Diverse Characters

One of the most charming things in the game are the Legends. At the moment there are 17 different playable characters in total, and they each have their own unique playstyles and strengths. There are 4 statistics for each character: strength, dexterity, armor, and speed. Each legend has their own mixture of these stats, which means there’s always a character there to suit each player’s style and taste. Some of the cartoon heroes can deal massive amounts of damage, at the cost of mobility, whereas others specialize in being fast or heavily armored. Something that new players may not realize is that each hero can only use two types of weapon. The weapons range from fast items like guns or spears, to heavy and strong hammers and lances, each of which require different tactics. After playing the game for a while, I really took a shining to a few of the faster characters, and I was surprised at how quickly I started to learn some combos and tricks for each one of them.

Free-to-Play, not Pay-to-Win

As we mentioned before when we crowned Brawlhalla the Game of the Day here at, we were impressed with how Blue Mammoth handles the free-to-play nature of the game and the way that they treat the community. There are so many different games around these days that offer players a free-to-play game, but include so many paywalls, pay-to-win mechanics, or massive bonuses for paying money. While there are different things available to be bought with your hard-earned cash, all of them are purely cosmetic items. This is a great way to build a good relationship with the players, and also make sure that everybody is on a level playing field and help build a great competitive community.

Some of the Modes in Brawlhalla

Online or Offline Multiplayer

One of my favorite things about this game is the PvP multiplayer element. It’s a bit of a ridiculous statement to make, as the game would barely exist without the multiplayer mode, but what I mean is that it brings back memories of crowding around the TV with some friends and firing up the N64. Brawlhalla is the perfect local multiplayer game; it has all of the ingredients to make it one of the most entertaining local multiplayer games I have played in a long time, and I’m certain that some serious egos are going to take a bruising when you get a group of a players together for a night of Brawlhalla. The game has full controller support, so just like the old days, you need to get your friends to bring their own controllers if they don’t want to be the unlucky one using the keyboard.

The game modes are also great fun, and they can also be played online. There is the basic Brawl mode, where you customize stock, time, and other basic settings, then duke it out against opponents, but the fun lies in some of the other modes. The tournament, brawlball, and bombsketball modes provide a change of scenery when serious competitive button mashing gets a bit too much. Brawlball works a lot like American football, where the goal is to grab the football in the center of the map and then take it to the enemy team's goal. These fun modes are perfect for when you just want to have some fun, and not worry about playing seriously, but that doesn’t mean that these modes are any less competitive.

Brawlhalla Rating
  • Pro
  • Awesome Gameplay
  • A Modern Taste of Nostalgia
  • Full Controller Compatability
  • Great Local Multiplayer
  • Supportive Development Team
  • Contra
  • Currently only on Steam

5/5 Stars

Our Verdict

Overall, I think this game is definitely worth downloading. It’s been a while since I have had this much fun playing a free-to-play fighting game. Brawlhalla offers a gaming experience that’s not too common these days, and it really does bring back some nostalgic feelings of playing Super Smash Bros. On top of this, Blue Mammoth Games seem to be a really solid developer who are interested in their player base and want to create a good competitive community online. The game is completely free-to-play and available for download by clicking the button below and heading over to the official game page.

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