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Brawl of Ages
What to expect:
  • Fast-Paced 1vs1 Arena Battles
  • Matchmaking & Ladder Rankings
  • Full Featured Brawl Clubs
  • Built-In Voice And Text
  • Build Your Own Cards
  • Competitive Or Casual Gameplay
  • Download Games
  • Steam
  • Strategy
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Action
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Play Brawl of Ages for Free and Get Ready to Rumble

Brawl of Ages is a multiplayer collectible card game and battle arena that plunges players into short and intense 1v1 matches.


Build a deck and brawl against other players’ decks to prove your strategic superiority. Brawl of Ages is a real-time multiplayer battle game that combines the quick-competitiveness and on-the-fly strategy of an strategy game with the customization and strategy only possible in a CCG. Drawing inspiration from MOBA, RTS and Tower Defense games, Brawl of Ages provides a game experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Choose a large collection of cards featuring unique & exciting gameplay mechanics, and get to work to build a deck. Tailor your deck to match your own personal style & strategy, and then get into the arena and face off against opponents in intense battles. Use your cards to summon units, build structures, and cast spells. Manage your resources and use timing and foresight when attacking to destroy your opponent’s base. The short matches and real-time gameplay make for fast and intense fights.

Competitive Gameplay Without Elitist Mechanics

Brawl of ages is a competitive game at its core, but it has been designed to appeal to all gamers, regardless of how casual or serious they may be. Players are not forced to wait for any sort of chest timers; you can actually spend your time playing the game. Players do not have to reach a higher rank or tier to be able to access better cards. And lastly, there is no long uphill grinding involved. Winning games is about skill and timing, not about simply paying for the best cards.

Build Your Deck And Battle

Build a deck of 10 cards, choosing different Units, Totems, Buildings, and Spells. While cards do have different levels of rarity, rarer cards are not automatically more powerful. Usually, a less common card is simply more specialized, requiring more skill or timing to use effectively. Then, manage your mana as you defend your tower. There are two lanes to attack along, which means there are two lanes to defend. Destroy your opponent’s tower, and you win the game!

Brawl of Ages Screenshots

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