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Brawl Busters
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Brawl Busters Description

Are you looking for a fight? Do you just want to really get into a scuffle? Well, this free-to-play action MMO has more than enough of that to go around...


Brawl Busters is a free-to-play action MMO that lets you unleash all hell onto your opponents. Featuring "over the shoulder" third person view, you get a great look at all the action going on in front of you, as well as the powerful moves you’re using.

You will be able to play as one of five different classes in Brawl Busters. The Rocker takes on his opponents with soundwaves and rock moves of epic proportions. The Firefighter heats things up as she uses a powerful cannon to take down others. Maybe butting heads is more your style? Then choose the Blitzer and ram people into the dirt. Hand to hand fighters will enjoy the comforts of the Boxer and the Slugger really hits it home.

Once you have chosen your character you wish to play with, you get to customize how they look and their outfit! You can choose body shape, size, facial appearance, skin tone and even their costume! That’s right, you can even change how their clothes look.

Brawl Busters features not only single player game play, but multiplayer as well. And when we say multiplayer, it means you can go head-to-head with them or make up a team. If you feel like getting together with your friends and really dishing out some damage to other players, you can do that. Perhaps you’d like to get really into the thick of things and head out alone? Join up in a free-for-all and show everyone that you are the best fighter in the world.

Your skills will be pushed to the limit in Brawl Busters. Whether you are the sassy Slugger or the hardcore Rocker, you will have to master your abilities to come out on top.

by Kyle Hayth

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