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Brave Frontier
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Brave Frontier Description

Assemble a fearless team of warriors and fuse elements to come up with the greatest combination of characters to have ever graced the mobile gaming scene! Win battles to loot treasure chests and evolve your spirits that become more powerful every day...


The anime world of Brave Frontier needs a new hero and - what a coincidence! - this is where you come in. After downloading the mobile app for free and setting up an account, you make your way through a unique set of tutorial quests that help you find your calling within the colorful game and show you everything there is to know about combat, leveling up and other fun gameplay mechanics. You collect experience points as you explore new areas and meet terrifying creatures head-on in turn-based battles that require all of your attention - from start to finish! There’s no way to tell what secrets and tricks an opponent might hide up his or her sleeve, so you have to be prepared for everything when diving into this free-to-play roleplaying game.

In Brave Frontier, each and every quest consists of multiple battles that you will have to successfully complete if you want to make it all the way to the end boss. Here’s how combat works: You have a squad of different characters, all of them attuned to certain elements. It’s good to have all your bases covered when playing Brave Frontier, as every element has its strengths and weaknesses. Take the circle of elements as a guide: Fire is strong against Earth which is good against Thunder which works wonders against Water which... yep, you guessed right! Water is the ideal element to take down fire elementals and anyone wielding fiery spells.

Brave Frontier is a classic roleplaying game that features everything you would expect from the genre: a wide array of playable characters which are customizable and level up individually, a deep story line that will have you root for the good guys, and a friendship system that allows you to build meaningful relationships with other players online. Making friends in this mobile game (available for iOS or Android phones and tablets) will also help you apply valuable bonuses to your heroes.

Brave Frontier Screenshots

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