Bounty Hounds Online: Open Beta for Sci-Fi Shooter Is a Go!

08/03/2011 04:43 am in News

German game publishers InnoGames have announced that the Open Beta testing phase for their sci-fi shooter, Bounty Hounds Online, has launched. Now players can log in and download the client game to take part in some futuristic action.
Bounty Hounds Online

Bounty Hounds Online

The fight for the alien world of Clear Sky Planet has begun since the launch of the Open Beta Test of Bounty Hounds Online has kicked off. Now the real capabilities of the free-to-play MMO are tested as more and more players will be logging in and taking the fight to the enemy.

According to InnoGames (The West, Tribonia), the feedback received during the Closed Beta testing phase was incredibly useful to the development of Bounty Hounds Online. This resulted in new features for the players including a complete rework of the skill trees.

To begin participating in the Open Beta testing phase of Bounty Hounds Online, you simply need to create an account, log in and get shooting! For players who already participated in the Closed Beta testing phase, you already have an account and you can continue playing with the same account in the Open Beta.

On top of that wonderful news, the team of Bounty Hounds Online has also stated that they are already working on the first major expansion for the game!

Source: Press release
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