Bounty Hounds Online
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Bounty Hounds Online
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Bounty Hounds Online Description

This thrilling MMOG, set in the not so distant future, takes you to the heart of an intense war, sparked by the discovery of a vicious extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI)...


Bounty Hounds Online is set in a world, corrupted by forces of evil and infiltrated by extraterrestrial beings. As a member of the elite Bounty Hounds mercenary, your mission is to join the government in the race to overcome your enemies before they overcome you. You must use whatever means possible to bring down this relentless extraterrestrial intelligence in the client-based MMORPG Bounty Hounds Online.

There are five playable character classes in the MMORPG Bounty Hounds Online, each with their own skills, personalities and combative flair. Choose the character that best suits you, and get ready for an intense and life-changing battle. Customize your character with weaponry and armor that will best equip you for the dangers that lie around every corner in the online game Bounty Hounds Online.

There are four Private Military Companies (PMCs) in the client game Bounty Hounds Online that you must side with. Namely, the Corona, Aurora, Nucleo and Umbra PMCs. Each of these factions specializes in different technologies, fighting styles and weaponry. Join a faction, create your powerful Bounty hound and be prepared for an extraterrestrial onslaught!

Fortunately you are not alone in the hunt for evil – players can form strong squads with other players, using the strength found in numbers to improve their chances of victory. You are also able to train and master your own robotic pet – a combat tactical unit – to support you as you venture across the land and destroy your opponents.

by Kyle Hayth

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