Bounty Bay Online
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Bounty Bay Online
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Bounty Bay Online Description

Calling all buccaneers and adventurers to journey back into a time when the world was an undiscovered place - climb aboard, raise the mast, and get ready to face fierce pirates on the wild seas...


The free-to-play MMORPG Bounty Bay Online takes you on an adventure to a time centuries ago, somewhere in the realm of the 14th and 16th centuries. The game is based entirely on the real world, complete with accurate representations of architecture, clothing and ship models from that time.

Your mission as a buccaneer is to rewrite history as you charter through often dangerous pirate-infested waters in search of new flora and fauna as well as visiting towns in which you can trade your loot. In Bounty Bay Online you are often caught up in epic battles against fierce wild animals and mythological creature, as you attempt the journey to your destination.

In Bounty Bay Online, you choose whether you sail as a lone pirate, braving the lurking dangers alone, or whether you join a guild and travel in a large convoy – fight together or against one another in action-packed PvP barrages. Convoys can eventually take control of entire towns or cities – pledge your allegiance and be protected.

The client game Bounty Bay Online has a variety of exciting features. One feature includes over 100 fully customisable ship models to choose from – you can even paint the hull and dye the sails. Personalise your character with clothing and various items. There are endless possibilities for variety each time you play Bounty Bay Online, ensuring you are never bored. With over 60 historic ports to explore and an extensive quest system, you are never short of challenges. Trade some of the 1000s of available items with other players, learn a valuable trade skill and even get married in this adventurous MMORPG.

Journey through this mysterious ancient world and explore new territory, whilst face your pirate enemies in gruesome battles. But beware – around every corner a lurking danger awaits you.

by Kyle Hayth

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