Boom Beach: Hot New Update - Flame Wars!

02/05/2015 04:40 am by William Hankin in NewsStrategyBioware

Fans of strategy games like Clash of Clans and Shadow Kings might want to avert their eyes from their mobile devices for two seconds and check out what's going down in Boom Beach! It looks like things are about to get whole lot hotter with the release of this big new free-to-play update, which introduces a new troop, tons of new features, and lots of improvements.
The new troop in this strategy game is called The Scorcher. If the name hasn’t given it away already, this massive armored unit’s main weapon is a giant flame thrower. It takes a lot of energy to deploy, but will leave the shores of Boom Beach with a bang, harming everything nearby. This unit will become available at HQ 18, so novice players had better get booming if they want to see this new fire-breathing tank in action.
Other improvements include a new Power Base tactical note system for Task Forces, plus several new Power Base layouts. A lot of the visuals have been upgraded with more accurate effects for explosions and so on. Plus, female villagers have made their way to the islands in this free-to-play title. Yes that’s right, along with the introduction of new wildlife, the folks over at Supercell (Hay Day) have also added the other half of the human race - females!

Stay tuned for more Boom Beach news!

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