Boom Beach: New Update - The Grenadier Awakens!

12/09/2014 06:13 am by William Hankin in NewsStrategyBioware

A bunch of new features have landed on the shores of this free-to-play title, so expect to see a heightened sense of rivalry as Boom Beach players expand their bases across the islands in this mobile strategy game. Brought to us by Supercell ( Clash of Clans, Hay Day), this MMORTS now allows players to recruit a new soldier. Introducing: The Grenadier!
The Grenadier is a powerful, ballsy soldier that will jump into any situation with full force. the phrase 'all guns blazing' comes to mind when describing this new troop's method of attack. He is able to deal a large amount of area damage as he runs into battle, throwing grenades far across enemy shores. Precision is not his strong point though, in fact he has pretty appalling accuracy, but give him time and he can bring down even the mightiest of defense turrets.

Other features of this free-to-play update include all new power bases and NPC levels. Plus, in the task force operations, leaders and officers can now spend Intel to destroy defensive buildings, so now there are more ways than ever to bring down you enemies!

Stay tuned for more Boom Beach news!

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