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Boom Beach
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Boom Beach Description

Attack and conquer tropical islands and raid vaults that other players have set up in this casual mobile game that is available for free. Just download the app, set up your base and start collecting resources in order to grow, expand and rule…


From the makers of Clash of Clans and Hay Day comes another mobile game that calls for strategic thinking and battle tactics that will take out even the toughest of challengers. Instead of protecting your fantasy village or keeping track of farming operations, you turn into a fearless warmonger. Charge into battle against other players and show them that you have enough raw power to take over Boom Beach. Before you get to enjoy player-versus-player raids, however, you start out by owning just a little encampment. It’s up to you to upgrade it, construct new buildings and train your units.

Dozens of unique challenges await you in Boom Beach, whether that includes completing quests, ambushing other players, or wiping Blackguard forces off the map. You will also have to deal with evil boss commanders, such as the Blackguard, who are terrorizing the wacky world of this free-to-play mobile game.

You need mountains of resources to make that happen, so make sure collect as much wood, iron and stone as possible. All of these materials are needed to expand your base and put up defenses like the flamethrower, boom cannon or shock launcher. The overall gameplay is pretty similar to other games made by Supercell, so having played Clash of Clans before will surely give you an advantage. Don’t worry about getting squashed by more experienced players though. With a little bit of determination and the right strategy, you will climb to the top of the ranking in no time.

Events like the invasion of Dr. Terror that take place on a regular basis offer you the chance to collect more loot and get in a little bit of practice before launching an attack on other players. Remember that after the initial beginner protection fades, your base camp is also vulnerable to attacks. In order to successfully repel enemy units, you have to be prepared for everything. Everything, we say! Boom Beach is available for free for all Android or iOS mobile devices.

Boom Beach Screenshots

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Boom Beach News

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    02/05/2015 04:40 am - Fans of strategy games like Clash of Clans and Shadow Kings might want to avert their eyes from their mobile devices for two seconds and check out what's going down in Boom Beach! It looks like things are about to get whole lot hotter with the...more

  • Boom Beach: New Update - The Grenadier Awakens!

    12/09/2014 06:13 am - Supercell are bringing a bunch of new features to the shores of this free-to-play title, so expect to see a heightened sense rivalry as players expand their bases across the islands in this mobile strategy game. Brought to us by Supercell ( Clash of...more

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