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Bombwar Description

The only option is to survive. You must build a city, protect it with powerful shields and create armies to take over the world but you are not the only one who is trying to take over the globe...


Bombwar is a browser-based strategy game where the goal is to conquer the world. You begin with a small city out of which you must create a global empire. Face off against thousands of other players and prove that you have the ultimate strategy and resolve to win.

To create a city in Bombwar, you will need to build structures. There are four types of structures in-game and you must utilize all of them if you are to succeed. The most important type of these buildings is the Residence.

You will begin building smaller residencies to attempt to increase your cashflow. Slowly build larger buildings, eventually creating Hotels which will bring in the most money. Like with any growing city, money is important – and not just for expansion, but for defense as well.

Create various defensive buildings as well as structures that create troops in Bombwar. One of the most important is the City Shield. It will create plasma bubble over your city that defends it from attacks. With each level, the power of the shield grows and will receive percent increases in its capabilities.

Resources must also be gathered in Bombwar. These are the fundamental materials that will be required to build structures, train troops and erect defenses. There are three different kinds of resources: Iron, Energy and Exeo. Each resource is used in a specific purpose such as supplying the city with energy or providing raw materials for armor.

It is your job to claim the world as your own in Bombwar. Found your city, foster its growth and conquer the world with powerful armies. Defend yourself against thousands of other players trying to cross you off the list of competition in this cut-throat strategy game.

by Kyle Hayth

Bombwar Screenshots

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