Blossom Blast Saga: Tips for Beginners!

11/14/2015 04:20 am by Marcel Wuttig in Tips & TricksMobile GamesApps

Welcome to the Colorful King Game!

Blossom Blast Saga is King’s latest match-3 game for Android and iOS devices. Instead of candy, players have to bring flower buds to a bloom. In order for you to know what kind of challenges await you, the further you progress in the puzzle game, we have collected some general tips to help you through the first few levels.

The Usual Counting Game

If you’ve ever delved in to another King game (or many other casual games for that matter), you will be familiar with the distribution of lives in Blossom Blast Saga. You will start out with 5 hearts, one of which you lose every time you fail a level. You can never take back a move that you make (since this would basically defeat the purpose of a puzzle game like this), which is why we recommend taking your time and considering every move you make. One move can definitely make the difference.

Every 30 minutes, one of your lives will regenerate. Of course, you also have the choice to spend your hard-earned (or purchased) gold barrels for more lives or turns.

Booster and Mean Obstacles in Blossom Blast Saga

If you ever happen to get stuck in a level, you have the choice to rely on your shovel, which can be purchased with gold barrels. With the help of your shovel, you can destroy anything in your path, be it weeds, glass, or flowers.

This leads us straight to our next point: obstacles! There are more than plenty in Blossom Blast Saga: weeds, molehills, glass, and pots. Pots can be destroyed by combining flowers next to them. Glass can be destroyed by connecting buds to those that are hidden under the glass. The longer your chain of buds, the more quickly the glass will shatter.

Tips for the Various Game Modes

There are four game modes in Blossom Blast Saga:

  • Scoring Mode: This is definitely one of the more straightforward modes, but it can still get quite challenging. Your task is to reach a certain high score. The problem is that you also only have a limited amount of moves. You collect points by connecting at least three buds. Naturally, it makes a lot more sense to prioritize the longer chains of buds over the shorter ones.
  • Remove all the Weeds: Remove the weeds by destroying the flowers that are placed next to the weeds. We recommend actually focusing on this goal and not going on a hunt for points, as you might end up failing the level.
  • Big Bud Mode: In this mode, you will find bigger buds on the map that have a number in them. As soon as the number goes down to 0, the bud will disappear from the stage, naturally with a big explosion. You can either decrease the number by connected a bud of the same kind with it or by bringing neighboring buds to a bloom.
  • Collect Flowers Mode: Here, your task is to connect the buds of a predefined color. It seems very difficult at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.
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