Game of the Day: Blossom Blast Saga (iOS, Android)

11/16/2015 06:30 am by Marcel Wuttig in Game of the DayMobile GamesApps

Blossom Blast Saga - Our Game of the Day

When I first heard about Blossom Blast Saga, I have to admit that I was not too excited. How many more colorful King games can there be? I thought. This will just be your typical match-3 gameplay. Nevertheless, I decided to delve into the mobile game, and I have to say, I really enjoyed myself. This is why I am introducing Blossom Blast Saga as our Game of the Day.

A Fun Take on Match-3 Gameplay

I always feel like match-3 has been done so many times in such thoughtless ways that there isn’t much to explore anymore in this genre. I was proven wrong when I delved into TwoDots for the first time, and I felt very similar trying out Blossom Blast Saga for the first time. Yes, you connect tiles of the same kind (flower buds in this case), but they don’t just simply disappear. Strategically, you rather want to make use of the blooming stages of the flowers. Connecting them will activate their blossoming process. The longer the chain, the more the bud will bloom. Once a flower hits its final stage, it explodes into colorful sparks and petals and activates the flowers around it. This can lead to a fun chain reaction of flowers blooming and disappearing. This also means that you can influence and prepare the chain reaction by connecting shorter chains of flowers all around the map.

Addicting and Challenging Game

Blossom Blast Saga has various different challenges, ranging from collecting points to destroying weeds. This makes for diverse gameplay and guarantees a high level of fun. The further you progress, the more difficult the challenge. However, the right strategy will always allow you to succeed.

Blossom Blast Saga is available for free for Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads.

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